Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Only A Wake In The Sea

"Traveler, the path is nothing more than your footsteps; traveler, there is no path, a path is made as you go. You make the path as you go, and on looking back you see a trail that never can be walked again. Traveler, there is no path, only a wake in the sea." - Antonio Machado

Traveler, if you take a few steps back and reflect on this quote once more, you'll see that the path of life, relationships and blogging is identical. I want to thank This Old Farm who bestowed 'The Twin Award - You Make Me Smile and Super Commenter'. That is a wonderful honour! When I went over to This Old Farm I met Bobbie, and then I found the above quote.

I must apologize. I really suck at figuring out how to place the award images. (you must go to This Old Farm to grab the award icons!) Heck, I just focus on my strengths!
Here are the Liberty Choices for these incredible Smile/Commenter Awards:(Everyone is truly deserving of these twin awards. Everyone makes me smile. xo)
Joni at Cote de Texas: Shoot from the hip, loyal, expert, honest, taste, style, class. Joni writes feature length posts with a lot of 'meat' to them. It's edutainment inspiration. Joni will be the blogger who will become a world famous author of several design books. Thank you for your comments!

At Home With The Farmer's Wife: Her comments are every bit as good as her incredible posts. loyal, hilarious, sometimes off the wall, sometimes extremely thoughtful - thought provoking. The Farmer's Wife will be the blogger who writes several best-sellers and several movie deals/film scripts. Thank you for your comments!

My Marrakesh: Maryam has a way of making everyone feel special, loved, accepted and when she comments it's as if you are the only person she is thinking about. Character. Happy. (that's why everything she touches turns to gold...and what a perfect host for Peacock Pavilions.) Maryam will be the blogger who phones me one day to say, 'please come for a visit'. (wink wink nudge nudge) Thank you for your comments!

Laura Neulat, Inventive Chef and Owner of A World in a Pan (yes, can you believe it! she is one of my readers. shivers.) and publisher of Laura's Paris Cooking Notebook. Of course she is oh so very smart, creative and caring. Laura will be the blogger who also invites me to her Paris. (wink wink) Thank you for your comments!

Life in Red Shoes: comical, sensitive, loving, refreshing, family gal. Read her every morning. She is so real. I dig her blog. I can really see this blogger's blog experiencing critical mass - a wave of new readers are coming her way. (you'd think I had esp or something) Thank you for your comments!

Hidden in France: romantic, lovely, cheeky, smart, writer, passion, vulnerable, strong. She writes things like, "Melt in mouth cute." Who writes such things? I adore this blog. Readers are falling in love with her. Thank you for your comments!

Made by Girl: sexy blog, graphic lovely, clean design, hip, cutting-edge, ahead of the design curve. Will grow up to be the most famous of bloggers, paper girls, designers, TV personality..maybe even her own real magazine, shop. This blogger rocks! Thank you for your comments!

Plus, all the blogs you see over to the right....look to the right and down a bit...that's it...right there...my blog tour. I guarantee you will fall in lust with all of those bloggers. Oh, have you visited 'From The House of Edward'?

Now travellers, take the path of least resistance. Do as I say. Put everything you must do to the side for 1/2 hour and visit the blogs on my blog tour. Together we will leave 'only a wake in the sea'.


lifeinredshoes said...

You bring a tear to my eyes, happy tears. Thank you friend.

corine said...

awwww. You're too sweet!

Cote de Texas said...

Wow!~how true - everything you said about me! how did you know? ahahahah!!!!

this is just too sweet! blush -- I don't deserve this, but thank you!

I owe you girl!
thanks a lot, again.