Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Lollipops Growing In The Garden

I sway between wanting bursts of many colours to not wanting any; just green. Then, I twist back to loving monochromatic looks like just white or red or pink. Yellow is and always has been my last choice (for anything) so yellow ornaments would not be my thing. You know me. I love blue. So pretty much anything blue will get the two 'green' thumbs up. How about you? What colours do you like in your garden and what types of ornaments do you have?


Scout said...

Alas, the only thing resembling garden in my current home is the shared backyard, which is constantly having the grass run off of it by the toddlers in the building, random dogs and the teenagers that use it as a shortcut to the ravine.

We do have a lovely and authentically European (read: cute and kitschy, but not tacky) garden gnome that has sadly been living atop our living room bookshelves for three years. I dream of the day when I can give him a proper outdoor home.

Shelly said...

I have the blue one just like you're showing. A gift from a friend.

Anonymous said...

simply lovely and the colors wow!!