Monday, 7 July 2008


I don't like traffic. I live in a beach town with 15,000 people. In the summer we get 3 million visitors. Yes, you read it correctly. 3 million. Now you know why we beachers find it difficult to handle the surge in congestion. (But we are grateful. So very grateful for the tourists who come here. They are our life blood).

Blog traffic. I don't understand it really. Some posts are viral, others are not. Thanks to Kirtsy, my visitors have surged. Big Hug to all of you who have contributed to this.

I beach you. (I love you in Liberty Speak)


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

3 Million?? Scheesh, where do you put them all?? We usually go on holiday to the beach in the "off" months. All the locals seem so much more relaxed then.

Suzanne said...

My best friend lives in Ocean City, Maryland and experience pretty much what you are up against. Yes, it is your community's economic life blood but it still is difficult to share sometimes.

I read some good advice once about blogging stats. They said just write, keep writing, put out quality content and don't obsess about the stats. Building numbers slowly is preferable.

Besides, I think you're the best!!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

karey m. said...

i got the big hug!

and thank you for the thank you...

Anonymous said...

this photo is beautiful, intimate and It's a nice partage réflexion, sur l'amitié, frienship is precious!!

Erin said...

i solemnly swear not to be viral, or even bacterial. I love reading your blog. :)