Friday, 25 July 2008

I Have Some Thank You's

Another week has wizzed by at lightening speed. Thunderbolts have been plenty and dreams of thunderbirds fill my thoughts. I want to send some thank you's to some of my dear blogging friends. I don't seem to take the time to do this often enough. Abbey of NYC Abbey Goes Design Scouting, Abigail Paper and Abigail Vintage fame has added my blog to her links. How cool is that! And then...Made by Girl was interviewed here and said this after being asked "If you could meet 5 other bloggers that you have never met before, who would they be?", she answered "Super duper lady from Liberty Post Editor" !!! Big Hug! Finally (and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone else) is my pal Alexa of Fiore Fresco from Seattle, WA who nominated me for The Brillant Weblog Award 2008 !!! Thanks Alexa!

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Love this picture!!