Saturday, 19 July 2008

Don Davey Art For Sale

I acquired this wonderful 1968 watercolour print. Another Eco Liberty treasure. I would love to go back to this bridge. It's been 30 years. (That can't be right. 30 years? Where did 30 years go?)The artist is Don Davey. His distinguished career started at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. His illustrations have lent sparkle to such magazines as McCalls, Saturday Evening Post, and Fortune magazines. He has served on the faculty of the Academy of Art in San Francisco and was instrumental in the formation of the Society of Illustrators which he served as president. On invitation of the United States Air Force, he toured the Orient in return for his subsequent painting presently world tour and part of the permanent collection of the United States Air Force documentary art program. An award winning artist with both gold and silver medals to his credit, Mr. Davey's technique, at once factual and impressionistic, has won him a following the world over. The popularity of his work is best acknowledged by the public's acquisition of well over one million lithographs by collectors both here and abroad. His beautiful and impressive collection of treasured landmarks presently includes California's Monterey Pennsylvania, San Francisco and New Orleans. I know I've said this before, but I truly am exhilarated each day when I can discover, learn and share. Amazing creative world we have.

This print is available FOR SALE. $175.00 U.S. It is in mint condition. 11'"X14" on textured quality paper. Unframed. Here is a comparable for you. Longing for your wall.


luke_hitchcock said...

any luck with the don davey i have the same one and another trying to sell my self

Anonymous said...

Hello, I also have that print. Mine is part of a 4 piece set which also includes China town, the wharf and a trolley car. I was wondering what their value might be. Any Ideas?

Anonymous said...

PS My 4 piece set is framed in black with gold trim. They also have the original description cards on the backs.

Rose Steptoe said...

I have the 1 that is posted - in a gold frame with original decription card on the back too.
-- has anyone got any ideas what they could cost- Mine is still in wonderful condition as good as the day I bought it in CA.

George Puzo said...

I absolutely the style of these paintings. Are they water colors or is it a thin oil? I have tried to paint scenic landscapes but they usually turn out like a three year olds drawing. I am excited as I will be taking art classes next semester, I hope I will get better. One day I hope to paint a painting like these. Wish me luck.

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