Friday, 18 July 2008

A Breeze that Loves Me

You don't ask anything of me, except to sit still to nurture my need for quiet waves. You caress my skin with tenderness and if by warm daylight, your touch smoothly wisps over my face. I hear the lapping of the wake beside you, but around us there is silence; unless your steam whistle bursts with black smoke into the blue sky. We gently rock; more for a moment when others go by and leave their swirling watermarks. It's freedom and purity and natural and I love you. You are a breeze that loves me back. How can I ever forget you?


lifeinredshoes said...

Your photo's are so real I felt seasick for a minute there. Thanks for the mini-vaca.You never dissapoint.

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hello Lady!
Ive tagged you over at my blog, this one is pretty easy...feel free to do it. : ) have a great wknd!

Jen Ramos
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