Wednesday, 4 June 2008

6 Random Facts (The Canadian Version)

American in Norway tagged me from Norway. (thank you for including me!) She’s asked that I do a random facts meme with a Canadian twist. So, here it goes.

1. If you are a mosaics type of person, you will love Canada. We are a cultural mosaic; 200 different nationalities live here, peacefully, respectfully & friendly. You can travel the entire world by visiting Canada. I love that. I am like a fruit cocktail...a bit of this and a bit of that! Part German, Bedouin, Pirate (I'm not shitting you either), African, Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, English, Ottawa two famous uncles: One designed Central Park, one signed the Declaration of Independence. A ton of my ancestors came from Massachusetts..

2. Tim Horton's is our national coffee. Starbucks is a close second, but let me put it this way, our troops in Afghanistan had such negative withdrawal, Timmy's had to build there. Now we have a very alert and happy army. I drink my strong coffee with lots of milk. Or I like skinny lattes.

3. Hockey is our game. Don't you dare say differently. You wouldn't want to do that.

4. My Sister-in-Law was born and raised in Mexico City, population 30+ million. I was born and raised in Canada, population 30+ million.

5. Our politics are so painfully boring. We haven't had any charismatic leaders since Pierre Trudeau, so I'm going to do 2 things: a) Make our politics exciting on my blog and b) Vote for Justin Trudeau in a few years. (Pierre's son). Now you can understand why I really dig the U.S. elections! Oh yeah, we have a Prime Minister. I don't know his name.

6. English and French are the mother tongues; 59.7% and 23.2% of the population respectively, but if you look at the 200 different countries represented here, you know there's a whole bunch of other accents in every kitchen. Yum, and food. I also speak a bit of Pig Latin.

There is so much to tell you about my country. We are known as peacekeepers and polite people (wusses???) - I think we need to get more assertive! Someone, an expert in travel, recently said that if you want to visit New Zealand, just visit British Columbia. Oh, American in Norway, why only 6 things?

Now I must ask some of you to 'tell us about your country':
1. Villa Anna
2. Indigo Blue
3. Dreamhouse
4. El Beso
5. At Home With The Farmer's Wife (you must see her blog design!)
6. Mackin Ink

Painting: "Cultural Mosaic" Liberty Post 24x36 acrylic on canvas


Lucy said...

I would LOVE to live in Canada. Or anywhere else. Not that I don't like the US, but there's so much I want to know about other countries and I am 60 something already ... and BTW when and how did THAT happen??? I want to see every single thing on the earth before I die. Tall order, huh. I enjoy your blog.


Lucy: You have 40 years left or more to travel the can do it! Start today!

danamite said...

hey LIBERTY POST - I can't believe you said that our politics are boring - I mean right now they are as scandalous as they come with the whole Maxime Bernier affair... we don't want everyone to think that we don't have a bit of spicy in us!

dana in BC


Dana, You are so right. I forgot about that...that story is pretty juicy to say the least. I'm going to blog about that! Thanks!

karina said...

I enjoyed the random facts about your country, Ill try to do a good version ,too.

American in Norway said...

Wow so fast you were! I dunno why it was only 6 facts... I am just one in a long line of others... maybe it started out as 10... but people are lazy or live in boring countries. I have a bunch of other facts I will be adding... : )
Thanks for playing!

Suzanne said...

I'm fulfilling my tag responsibilities tomorrow. Be sure to check it out.

I miss Trudeau's wife. Didn't she cause lots of controversy in her day? What are they doing now? Is he still alive? I need to Google!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

karey m. said...

ooh...this'll be fun! thank you...

karina said...

I had finished my meme, as it is a special moment here it was a touchy subject and decided change something, go to read it, and tell me what you think, please!