Monday, 16 June 2008

Paradise Cottages; World's Best Water

In the wee hamlet of Tiny in the ever so small Township nestled on the Balm Beach shores of Georgian Bay, you'll find paradise in cottages with a wartime feel; 30's - 40's. It was like walking onto a movie set. Just cozy. No pretensions. Homey. Packed with memories. Whimsy. Authentic Canadian cottage style. They are tiny, but there were adorable. Hear Ye, Hear Ye. The best water in the world too - it compares to the cleanest glacial ice from thousands of years ago. Can you believe that! It's true. There is even a Water Festival planned for August 4th. I will go and report back to you. I want to book a cottage now. Dialing the number right now....

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Suzanne said...

Oh yes, it looks very familiar to me. The old resorts in northern Wisconsin are in the same style. They're not so well kept up though. In fact, many of them look like they'll disintigrate in a windstorm.

I love the old table and chairs. Vintage cool.

-Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife