Sunday, 8 June 2008

Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada (Black Fly City)

The highlight wasn't the black flies. (see my son and his friend with the puffy, I didn't hurt them) The highlight was no power. As in, no electricity. No laptop. No phone. No CNN. No Food Network. No HGTV. No hairdryer. No micro. No coffee pot. No latte. The devastating point of my camping trip: No Blogging. I missed you terribly, but let me tell you. I have enough photography to write Volumes 1-12 on Algonquin Park, Ontario. Gorgeous. Heaven.

So, as you can see, I survived the 5 or 6 massive thunder storms and mini-tornadoes; but who's counting? Food over an open fire. Miles and miles of land without people. Where was everyone? On the highways, no people. On the trails, no people. On the lake, no people. Oh, I get it. The jokes on me. They were all at home on their laptops, flipping back and forth to CNN, Food and HGTV. They were at home sipping coffee, taking cool lathered showers, zapping popcorn and blogging. The nerve. (Oh well, at least I got to see my first moose - a pretty mama and her baby - and I got to spend some time at Marty's.) I love civilization. Have I told you that before?

You might be wondering about the photo with the boy hanging in the ropes. This is how we discipline our tween boys on camping trips. They behave or it's off to the 'cottage roll' for an hour. (like the ham....get it?) It's harmless really and after this unorthodox time out, they become little gentlemen again.


corine said...

You know, this looks like a whole lot of fun. But I'm waayy more chicken than you are and could NOT do this. It's the combo kids/no electronics that frightens me the most.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your camping trip looks amazing! Good for you for challenging the outdoors even if you're not so inclined! I love civilization too, but it's so refreshing to go out where there is 'no people' and enjoy the silence and the amazing stars. Your boys will really cherish that memory with you, I'm sure!

Suzanne said...

I have a thousand little scraps of paper all over this office. Things I want to remember, places I intend to visit when I retire. Imagine my surprise when soon after reading about your impending trip I pick up one of those scraps and this is what it reads:

TOP 10 PARADISES ON EARTH (This was some kind of travel list on AOL)

Isla Vieques - Puerto Rico
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Kiribati - Micronesia
Kauai - Hawaii
and a couple more, some which I've already visited.

BUT SEE....You're livin' large. You've been to one of the top 10 paradises on earth!!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

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