Monday, 30 June 2008

Grey Gardens

Suzanne gave me a great compliment. She commented that my 'Gypsy of Pond Mansion' photographs reminded her of Grey Gardens. Thank you doll! I am a little spooked now because the 'real' film is being shot in Toronto and I didn't know that until right this second. That doc/show/upcoming film has been on my creative mind for some time now. (remember this post?)Perhaps that has been coming out in my work lately. I am so stoked to see the new movie. Based on the life stories of the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jackie Kennedy (both named Edith Bouvier Beale aka "Big and Little Edie") raised as Park Avenue d├ębutantes but who withdrew from New York society, taking shelter at their Long Island summer home, "Grey Gardens." As their wealth and contact with the outside world dwindled, so did their grasp on reality. They were reintroduced to the world when international tabloids learned of a health department raid on their home, and Jackie swooped in to save her relatives. You've got to watch this or this to fully understand. 3 Decades's the house and there's my 'lily pond pics.'

Drew Photo Credit: O'Neill/White/INF

Grey Garden Art: website here.


Suzanne said...

They're shooting in Toronto?? Oh, those Canadians have all the luck. They did shoot part of Road to Perdition in nearby Geneva. I got to see Tom Hanks - he was very open and friendly with the crowds, and Jude Law. He's very, very cute. Paul Newman wasn't in on those shots unfortunately.

What's with all the hair that Drew Barrymore is showing? Unless this is depicting the younger days of Edie's life. Because of a scalp condition she lost her hair and always wore the most dramatic scarfs.

I love, love, love the clip of Little Edie declaring herself a STAUNCH woman.....S T A U N C H. Yep, she was a character. The thing is, I remember such characters from my childhood. Where have they all gone? It seems that everyone is homogenized these days.

You've got me hooked on Gray Gardens.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

karina said...

I do not know much about them, but they are really interesting women, and I love Drew