Friday, 27 June 2008

The Fog of Wasaga Beach

The sky was clear. Blue light with wisps of powder clouds shifting across the horizon. Bleu-Vert water. Then, without any notice a fog swallowed up the landscape and wrapped around the people. The beachers became a haze of eerie souls lurking on the moist sand. Horrifying. Sudden. Unsettling. In fact, hundreds stated they had never experienced anything like it before. But not me. I'd seen it before and so have you. Remember last year? Today's fog story spread around the small beach town as quickly as it came in. The rolling of it. The wet life it took on itself. Like this creepy sighting. Or this. More like this. I felt a chill and wondered what may appear from the mist.....And then it vanished as though it had never happened.

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