Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Bucket List

If you haven't seen the movie 'The Bucket List' you must. No, I don't make referral money off it, although that would be nice. (any exec. producers need me man...oh, and if are Nora Ephron....can we collaborate?) I bought the movie for my Dad and we all watched it last night. You will laugh, you will cry - you will talk - you will buy yellow lined paper to write your own Bucket List. Yes, it will change you. If you have Facebook you can get the yellow-lined bucket list paper application here. Then you can share your bucket list with all your friends!

Dad, simple straight up.

I Love You.

Remember the day I took this self-portrait? Let's do that again soon. xo

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Suzanne said...

Life in the rearview. I will rent the Bucket List although I started mine many years ago. I've accomplished some of the items on the list, many more to go.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife