Monday, 19 May 2008

Volleyball, Gabby Reece & The Science of Loneliness

I didn't know. Did you know? .....(Volleyball Demographics Globally)...that:

Volleyball is the No. 2 participation sport in the world, trailing only soccer.
Over 1,046,000,000 people play volleyball throughout the world.
Women comprise nearly one half of the sport's participants.
Volleyball is among the top three women's spectator sports in the US, following gymnastics and football.
Volleyball players are young and active. Over 75% are between 15 and 34 years of age.
Over 80% of volleyball athletes have post-secondary education.
FIVB (Fédération internationale de volleyball) is the largest international sports federation with 217 affiliated federations.

The Olympic Volleyball Tournament will be played in two venues, the 18,000-seater Capital Indoor Stadium, which will be the main venue, and the 5,000-seater Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium.

The 12,000-seater Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground will host the Olympic Beach Volleyball Tournament.

The popularity of Volleyball has gone from strength to strength since it was first introduced as an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Games in 1964, while Beach Volleyball made its bow at the Atlanta Games in 1996 and has seen fans packing out tournaments ever since.

The rush for tickets mirrors the television success enjoyed by Volleyball during the Olympic Games. The sport was recognised after Athens 2004 as one of the most popular Olympic sports on television, with 3.5 billion viewer hours according to official figures reported by the International Olympic Committee.There will be 12 Men’s and 12 Women’s National Teams taking part in the Olympic Volleyball Tournaments and 24 Men’s and 24 Women’s pairs competing in the Olympic Beach Volleyball Tournaments.

Gabby Reece, world-famous volleyball star has an awesome website and blog.

The official ball of Volleyball Canada is the Wilson 4310.

And, did you know that mortality rates are higher among 'the lonely' than cigarette smokers?

Photo Credits:
Wilson the Volleyball, from the movie Castaway, 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks LLC/Associated Press Photo
Beach: Liberty Post Editor


karey m. said...

man, i love her. running to her blog now...thanks for this!

Cote de Texas said...

Oh Wilson!!!! I love that movie!!!!!

beachbungalow8 said...

i have a total girl crush on gabby reese.

beach volleyball (I'm told) started right here, down the street from me. those women have insane bodies.


I must agree with all 3 of her, check out that body! and gee wiz..I adore Wilson. I have a girl crush on Gabby too. I used to love volleyball in high school and actually I was pretty damn good at it..wish I had of kept that up. With all this sand around me, I should start back up - but what about the french manicure?