Monday, 19 May 2008

I found something for you, here it is.

During my blog tour today (see right sidebar), I spent some wonderful time reading Seth Godin. I fell into his arms while reading his post on Self-Promotion. In my opinion, the essence of his article was to 'find a genuine need and fill it.' In other words, become 'you-centric' instead of 'me-centric'. My hope is that you find my blog 'you-centric' - I try to stay focused on a wide variety of topics that I believe you will find interesting. Things pop in my head; I take a photo, see an image, think of an idea and I say 'I found something for you, here it is.' Liberty Post may be random but it is anything but randomness. I hope you still enjoy.

"The first is me-centric and explains that we’re promoting something that got made because we need to sell it. What we do is make stuff and sell it, and what you do is buy it or watch it. 'I needed to make something to sell, here’s the best I could do.' The second is you-centric. It starts with the needs and desires of the consumer and ignores the committees, the compromises and the economic realities. It says, 'I found something for you, here it is.' " - Seth Godin

Photo Credit: Meatball Sundae


corine said...

Love him. He says smart things in such a succinct way.

JuliaFuentez said...

it wasnt my pics they are from
and some of them are in mexico but not all.
omgg im just a girl from mexico i really dont know what to say about me u_u