Sunday, 4 May 2008

Girl on the Street Inside a Cultural Mosaic

Ahem. Yes. I've been at it again. Much to the embarrassment of my family members who were ducking down in the back seat of the car. I've been doing some 'Drive By Shooting'.

I was reading Natalie's blog and took a step outside her door into the world of Girl on the Street. After reading about the remarkable contributors and the incredible Chauncey Zalkin, it occurred to me that the entire planet could be represented on that blog or any other international blog from inside Canada alone. Here, the testing ground of peace, tolerance, understanding and harmony. (that Global Leaders don't seem to be tracking)

We are a 'Cultural Mosaic'. Women come from far and wide. A country where over 200 ethnic groups live, love and learn together. You'll notice on my sidebar that I describe my editorial content in this way. Freedom, friendship and opportunity are evident everywhere I look. And it's working.

These two women (mother/daughter?), were walking on Yonge Street. The longest street in the Greater Toronto Area. Perhaps they are Latin, Italian, Portuguese or from the Middle East. In my home, Canada, it does not matter. We are like an intricate, colourful, strong mosaic back splash in a kitchen. A place is set for everyone and everyone is welcome. How about that? Click on the photo to enlarge. I love the irony of the sign in the background. Mona Lisa. I also love the girl's belt, their sunglasses and the running shoes. By the way, stripes are in for Spring. They were everywhere...but you already new that.

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