Thursday, 29 May 2008

Death by Cake = Muerto Por Un Pastel

Some people want to die in their sleep. Not me. Thank you Julia Fuentes. (And if one of the things on your 'Bucket List' is to learn Spanish, visit her daily.) Read/Learn how to make me a fabulous cake here. Also, let me introduce you to the Canadian Queen of Cakes too. (read her business success story here) "Dufflet Rosenberg's anonymity is surprising. After all, it's not as though she's made herself inconspicuous. With her mop of curly red locks, Toronto's self-styled "Queen of Cake" is hard to miss riding to work on her vintage purple Moulton, a miniature bicycle with tiny wheels. Like her bike, Rosenberg is also diminutive, standing only four feet 10 inches. But don't let the pint-sized stature or eccentricities fool you. Behind the quirky fa├žade lies the business mind that has already built Dufflet into one of the largest and most respected purveyors of fresh, premium confections across southern Ontario and parts of Quebec. Now Rosenberg - along with Bertrand, Dufflet's president - is trying to repeat a local brand success story across North America with new lines of packaged and frozen goods, including cakes, cookies and tarts. The goal: to double sales over the next five years."-National Post. Yummmmyyyy. Oooooh, I've gone sugar mad this about a calendar to keep folded in your wallet. All the good days to have cake in 2008! (I must confess, it is my firm belief that if a day ends in the letter 'y' then it's a good day for cake.)

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