Sunday, 11 May 2008

A Daughter's Snake Charm

She was dreaming of this. It was between the early morning light of deep sleep and lazy wakening. It must have been true. She pedaled down a sunny dirt road. There were many dead snakes squished by other rickshaws along the bumpy way. Her Mother held the map and described the directions to the Pavilions. Each road she turned down became more and more dense with black green brush; canopied by tall trees that stretched to the heavens. She became fearful of the dark lanes and turned back to the road that was sun bleached. It was not like her to be afraid, of anything. Her Mother remained calm and ran her fingers across the sketch of Marrakech. It took hours; seemed like days going up and down many streets. (yet the dream was but a minute of magic.) Each one, the wrong way. In frustration she awoke, having never arrived at the guest house. Exhausted. Heated. It must have been true. Yes, she is sure it was. 'What does it mean?', she thought as she tucked her feet inside the slippers that waited by her bed.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh dear, fear not! The path will be clear when the pavilions are done. Until then dreams filled with brambles are not uncommon. Mine are like that,too....

PS I am pleased with the blogging paratrooper division of labor. Shall we assign other parts of the world?

Gillian said...

Happy Mothers day? !!!
I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Cool here in the Southern of Ontario...not much sun, lots of wind.
We BBQ'd nonetheless. It was delish. Hope you had a similar day!!!
Maryams is beautiful. I just am so excited for her and her family. I also can't wait to get there, I will try to go this year. Oh man I could use some Moroccan sun, shopping and food. It would also be such fun to meet M herself, such a witty, funny, beautiful human being. Not unlike YOU!!!