Sunday, 6 April 2008

Woofstock and Paul Boddum

Continuing with my 'Liberty Pet Week', when Woofstock launched in 2003, the Toronto Star called it “the summer of canine love”. What else can you call 140,000 dog lovers and their four-footed friends coming together each year for this wildly popular doggie love-in! Woofstock is the largest outdoor festival for dogs in all of North America. Last year it was beamed around the world on CNN for the entire weekend. Quirky and fun, Woofstock is a free admission non-stop party that takes place at our hip, newly expanded location, the historic St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood, home to the world-famous food market as well as the dog-friendly Sunday Antique Market. If you are able to attend this wagging event on June 7th & 8th, 2008, you will find famous Canadian artist, Paul Boddum. Here's what one of Paul's clients has to say: "My career takes me all over the world, and one very special weekend I enjoyed Woofstock in Toronto, Canada. There in a sea of dog lovers and every kind of pooch vendor in the western hemisphere, was Paul Boddum. WOW, there are painters of pets but he is the Michaelango of dog painters. Jesus Salgueiro and I had just adopted T Ronour American Staffordshire Terrier, and he is our child. I commissioned Paul to do his portrait and I must say it's beautiful. We recently built an extraordinary kitchen and Tron's and hopefully Linx, our new addition will hang together. Thank you Paul for capturing the essence of our beloved pet."- Art Smith, Personal Chef for Oprah.

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