Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wasaga Beach Fire

I grew up in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. As a city girl, I did not have any experience with the spiritual side of campfires, unless I went camping up north. Now that I live in Wasaga Beach, I enjoy these marshmallow flames almost every night. It is usually forbidden to have fires in big cities, suburban areas or downtown neighborhoods. But here in 'The Beach', that has always been a cottage/resort town, a fire is a human right. Wouldn't you know it. The powerful people from Town Hall have now decided that backyard campfires are allowed only for cooking or warmth. We are not foolish people. Every house on every street has 1 package of wieners sitting ready for the fire inspector within six feet of the orange & yellow crackle. You can't take the fires out of The Beach. You will have a riot on your hands. You are blowing smoke out of your......

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