Thursday, 10 April 2008

Pet Weak Was So Much Fun - Bark You!

Hey everybody! Pet Weak was a smashing-good barking time. I'll leave it off now with some adorable pics from Macon County Cherry Blossom Festival. (You know we - you/me - the blogging team - are hosting our very own next week - LPAICBBF) Bark You! (a.k.a. - thank you in people speak) May your posts bloom with pink brilliance next week and may you never step in a pile of soggy poop while you're out taking photos. That's a real drag. Trust me.


Dianne said...

Pet Week was wonderful, I'm so glad I found you in time to enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to cherry blossom week.

Dianna said...

pink puppies!

Mélanie said...

Pink puppies , I love this !
It seems to have been a wonderful pinkie party