Sunday, 20 April 2008

New York to Elmvale (No. 1 Liberty People)

About 550 miles, and 11 hours to drive it. That is if you cross at Buffalo and take the New York thruway, which is I 90. She came a long way from her loft offices to taste our Canadian syrup. She owns a huge conglomerate. Fashion house. Publishing. Online media. Boutique hotels. The clothes make the woman don't they? I stopped her because a) she was the best dressed in this 'small town' Ontario b) I was mesmerized by her denim jacket. (She bought it on Spadina - which is our 'main' Fashion/Jewish/Mulit-Cultural/Chinatown street in Canada.) O.K. So a + b are true - the rest about what she does and where she is from is a lie. I have no idea who she is, so if she finds this blog let's hope she presses the comments to let us all know what she really does for a living and where she actually lives. Or she can email me: Isn't she so chic? She is my first of many 'Liberty People' where I will shoot and guess their lives...and hopefully they will visit the blog to let us all know the truth! Sound Fun?

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