Thursday, 17 April 2008

Napoleon Gourmet Grills

Words of advice to my Ad Agency Daughter.
(That's not a cigarette in her hand, it's a 'dart' which is their company name; as in your products' needs to market, we always hit a bullseye.)
1. Don't admit or say you are nervous while presenting. (Does she look like the kind of person who gets nervous?)
2. Don't apologize for forgeting/flubbing/skipping part of the pitch (they don't know that) By the way, that's not a Blackberry on her waist, it's an insulin pump so she can stay alive. It's like having a pancreas on the outside of your body - see the little tube coming out of her dress - the insulin goes into her via a tiny 'port'. If you want a good stock to invest in, trust Medtronic.
3. Don't be nervous (it's a selfish, ego-driven state-of-mind) - the presentation is for them (The Executives) not you.
4. Put emotion and authentic gestures into your words (Does she look like the kind of person who could be 'a little' animated?)
5. Be Yourself (bought this necklace at the Goodwill for $1) (Do you think she'd have a difficult time being herself?)

This happened last night. Think 'The Apprentice' and the boardroom without The Donald - and think 'real' pitch to a luxury brand that is launching to the affluent in Florida - She rocked. Shown here with her team (last night) who won the task.
Oh yeah, Mama is proud. As a peacock. And I might add...loving the Japanese Cherry Blossom necklace that found me yesterday at Value Village. ($1). (Just had to tuck that in.)

About Napoleon (You must order one): Fire up the Barbie (BBQ a.k.a. Grill) The Rolls Royce of grills. Everyone who's anyone will own one (or two). 0-1800° in 25 Seconds Flat! The next evolution in grilling — Infrared technology brought to you by Napoleon®. The intense heat of the infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ instantly locks in the taste! Lifetime Warranty.
Did I tell you they sell Waterfalls? Oh, you have to see this.....

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corine said...

She's gorgeous. And with that self confidence, the world must be her oyster.