Saturday, 5 April 2008

Mexican Soap Operas, Maxine & Spilled Milk

This is my life. Spanish Crabby Spills.
This is what happens every day at 5pm EST. The world stops. All of a sudden my Sister-in-Law, loses her hearing and all sense of reality; who is in the same room as her, who might be taking a photo of her, forgeting about the chipolte meat baking in the that burning?...oh never mind - I will get up and check it. At 5pm EST the Mexican Soap Operas air on TLN. My five year old niece, just home from school, patiently waits and listens to the show. She daydreams and glances up at her Mother when she hears her ooohhh or giggle or gasp. My niece is an art prodigy (and I mean that without any bias - she really is) so she will work on yet another masterpiece during the show. My Mother and I continue sipping tea and gibber-gabbing about U.S. primaries, Oprah, Martha, The View, Paula Deen or converting. A lot of the conversation is about business, successful entrepreneurs and creative ideas. My Mother listens to my randomness and I listen to her bitching. (I adore her. She is Maxine. No really, she is Maxine.) We like to say: '70 years of yelling it like it is.'

Palabra de Mujer es la historia de cuatro mujeres: Vanesa, Fernanda, Paulina y Matilde, que a pesar de provenir de diferentes ámbitos sociales, emprenderán juntas una aventura que las llevará a realizarse como profesionistas y, más importante aún, como mujeres.

Woman’s Word is the story of four women: Vanesa, Fernanda, Paulina and Matilde, who, although they have very different social backgrounds, will embark together on an exciting adventure in search of their personal fulfillment as professionals and, more importantly, as women.
Anyway, back to the Mexican Soap Operas (in Spanish I might add). It's your typical serial. Filled with gossip, lies, cheating and the usual suspect storylines. Very pretty girls and authentic Mexican sets and scenery. I love the colour of these soaps. They 'burst' with colour; not like our American doom and gloom, darkness abound soap sets. I normally sneak away from the room to check my blog and emails. Oh Nora, you please me. You really know how to write the perfect little paragraph to perk me up. Nora on Hillary Clinton lying (like the lies by characters in Mexican soap operas)
"By the way, I don't think she was always a liar, the way some kids are born liars and never get over it. I think she was once a truthful person and her lying skills were forged in the early years of her marriage, forged in the crucible of Bill's infidelities and in her role as point person in dealing with them. This is what happens when you marry a narcissist: he spills the milk, you clean it up and your love grows. And then you end up a liar, just like him."-Nora Ephron.
This is my life. Well, a tiny snippet of it anyway. One hour from 5-6pm EST. Chaotic, Charming & Random. Spanish Crabby Spills.


Cote de Texas said...

omg- this was my life! my nanny/housekeeper watched soap operas 24/7 when I was growing up. she used to take the dust mop and move it back and forth in front of her so it looked like she was working but really she was watching General Hospital and As the World Turns. Too funny. but - is your sister in law Spanish? why the Mexican soaps? Mexican game shows are a RIOT!


That is so funny Joni! Yes, my sister in law was born and raised in Mexico city.

Jennifer Ramos said...

this post is sooo funny....i know a couple of people like that. Lets not forget, plenty of us americans are OBSESSED with soap operas too..although i dont watch them i know someone who does...!

Jen Ramos
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Talking about Mexican game sister in law's cousin is coming for a visit. She is going to stay at my home - she is the girl off the Mexican Price is Right - now that should be funny - perhaps she will wave her arm in front of my fridge or something....