Thursday, 3 April 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: You Can Be Part of "Liberty Post Gallery of Goods" E-Zine

Hello Dear Readers,

Blame it on the sunshine streaming through my blinds onto my desk, but I have an itch to produce and publish a special e-zine. This will be a collaborative project. I hope you will join me and many others to create this 'Summer' issue.

I will publish it online from my Liberty Post blog on my birthday in June. (The 19th). You will be able to download it or print it from there. Complimentary of course.

If you would like to participate, please send up to 3 high-res. jpeg's and up to 200 words to describe your contribution. Also include your name, title, business, brief bio, contact info and blog & websites. Sorry, there is no 'pay' to 'play', but I can promise you lots of blog press, online buzz & publicity and micro-celebrity status!

Liberty Post, Gallery of Goods 'Summer'

Theme: Summer

Keep my manifesto in mind and travel anywhere creatively from that point:

We believe that...anything goes. You have the freedom to define your life & personal style and the license to change your mind always and often. Knowledge of our society & culture, it's places, people and their ideas (hence 'Gallery of Goods') empowers all of us. You are 'at-liberty' to create your world.

It could be....

your thoughts of summer

summer recipes

summer design

art that is summery

summer fashion, fragrance, activities, picnics.....

summer photos, crafts, pleasures.....

summer poems

How do you feel about summer

What does this season mean to you

Memories of summer's past.....

I'm leaving it up to you.

The theme is 'SUMMER'.

Take it away.....

I look forward to receiving your submissions. Please do let your friends, fellow creative beings and readers know about my first Gallery of Good E-Zine. Big hug and kisses.

If you would love to lose yourself in the most brilliant of blogger e-zines - look no further than Design for Mankind. It's the grand-daddy of them all. Significant. Historic. Ground-breaking. Truly gorgeous and so Inspirational. Issue 3 is now available - also in hard-copy glossy form for just $5. Wow. I love that girl.
Get your motors running now. I'll be watching for your submissions!

Liberty Post


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