Saturday, 19 April 2008

I Want. I Dream. I Shop. I Play. I Learn.

I like it. It's so pretty. This is a big toy store. The tiger looks scary. This is a big window. I want Dora. I want that pink ballerina's dress. And the blue one. Can I get that Pug too? I want the panda. Come here. I want..... "A small child from a developing country has the advantage, from a very early age, of having access to toys which structure his mind, which constitute a sure advantage over the little African child who has never even held a modern toy." - Abdoulaye Wade.

Jack & Maddy : At the Village at Blue, Collingwood, ON - Canada - (at the base of the mountain) -Toys, games, crafts, puzzles—Jack & Maddy is your store for children of all ages! Be sure to check out the family entertainment at their “discovery stage” (yes, a real little performance stage is built inside for impromptu acting) and take some time to dream, imagine and explore! At Jack & Maddy they’re all about big-time fun! For more information call 705-446-1689. See also: My Liberty Zoo in the post below. (I must get control of my animals.)

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