Saturday, 12 April 2008

Get Your Cherry Blossom Motor Running

Head out on the information highway. Looking for adventure. And whatever comes our way. Bloggers unite! Get those laptops fired up. Aren't these lovely? All next week we are celebrating Spring and the traditional, global Cherry Blossom blooming. Here are some sites full of ideas to inspire your cherry blossom posts. 2493 items on Cherry Blossom Etsy. 205,779 items on Cherry Blossom Flickr. 1423 items on Cherry Blossom Ebay. 58,900 on Cherry Blossom fabric Google. 136,000 on Cherry Blossom Art. I am willing to go out on a tree limb here and announce that someone out there could actually start a business dedicated solely to the Cherry Blossom! I am so excited to celebrate our Cherry Blossom Festival with everyone...can't wait to see all your posts! Read all the details here. Until Monday, please be kind and send me these 3 items from the very talented Janine King Designs. I love them. Liberty xo

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