Monday, 21 April 2008

Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival. A Pictoral

Are you up for a Monday morning challenge? Imagine we are on a new reality show called Top Creative Type.

Design Project #1: Just think of all the ways we (creative types) could 'upcycle' those authentic maple syrup buckets. They were only $4. What would you do with one?

Creative Writing Project #2: The old couple near the top of the post. Write a 500 word photo-fiction piece on them.

If you need some background information about your tasks, visit the festival website here.

Good Luck. You have 24 hours to complete these and then I will see you in the boardroom.


Dianna said...

wow, looks like fun!

btw, i love your new header photo. very cute!

Good-Grace said...

I about fell over when I saw those gorgeous syrup buckets for $4 each!! I bought 4 of these on eBay (about 3 years ago) for something like $15. a piece - and shipped from Canada, no less. And they are just sitting in storage. I always think I'm going to fill them with some long stemmed, old-fashioned flowers - like delphinium or hollyhock. (Still hasn't happened...) I did use them once at a flea market - they worked well as part of a makeshift shelf - grab a long board and use two buckets tipped bottom side up, place one at each end with the board on top.

I'd love to hear any other uses. I love the history of them, with all of their signs of use.


I've seen these things:

Flower bucket
Ice bucket for wine
linens rolled up and stuffed inside
hanging on wall with hydrandeas (lovely)
toilet paper holder/display
gosh...let me think


Hey I was just thinking....I buy them for $4 directly from the sugar bush and sell them on eBay for $15 - that's good business!