Friday, 7 March 2008

Winter Crisp & Arthur

If you ask any Canadian, they will tell you that as long as there is a tad of sunshine on any given icy day, they can make it through. Warm sunbeams streamed into my car on my long and winding road trip that I took this past Tuesday. The windmill farm is so dramatic in the winter. It scares me when I zoom by. Don't know why. It just gives me chills. I opened the van windows and took great pleasure doing some 'drive-by-shooting'. Miles and miles of desolate country roads with the ever-passing Mennonite carriages trotting along. The children all bundled up; rosy cheeks and cold smoke swirling from their giggling mouths.
I finally made it to Arthur. It wasn't my final destination, but I included the photo of the water tower for my daughter's boyfriend. That's his name. Arthur. He, Scott (we don't call him Arthur - we call him Scott - it's a Canadian thing...) is a talented musician. He is in the group The Beat Bureau. The Beat Bureau was founded in the Summer 2007 with the intent of bringing a new sound to hip hop. With the help of some good friends and family members they managed to build their own studio and are dreaming of the day their music will get well deserved exposure. They focus on the production of hip hop with the use of synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, and ancient samples. Watch for their new album entitled "Annualbum" coming soon.
Another surprise coming soon is a CD that Scott(Arthur) and my daughter are producing for me as a Mother's Day gift. She sings/writes - He plays/sings/writes/produces etc.. I lovingly call them John & Yoko. She says: 'Mom, I hope you don't think I'm that weird' and I say 'Weird is good. Remember my 'Liberty Theory of Success'. Works every time. I can't wait to hear it and I will be sure to share it with you!
It was a sunny, winter crisp journey. The happy blue-skied calm before the storm. And did we ever have a doozy! And more to come today. be in Canada.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Its crisp here in HK - but not for long before the mugginess of summer sets in!