Wednesday, 12 March 2008

When I Was A Blog Virgin

Yes, it's true. I was a blog virgin until June 2007. I was a late bloomer, living a very sheltered, naive life. Oh, I was online, but I never discovered this exhilarating highway until it had reached critical mass. The very first blog I ever 'had' was Posie Gets Cozy. Alicia is a mega blog star. A Blogebrity (Blog Celebrity). You will gush over her photography on her Flickr site and sob when you see her studio. You can visit her blog here, and her website here. She's written a book. And, you can buy a piece of her rosy talents at her shop. She's featured on AT and many, many other blogs & magazines. She has an amazing story. The photo might give you a clue. You know how it is. You never forget your first. By the way, it was good. Really good. (Now I want to blog all the time.)

Pics of her home here.
Photo: Alicia Paulson


corine said...

Same here! I began blogging around the same time you did and discovered Posie and went "Yum!"

I was flabbergasted to read the story of her accident recently.

Good-Grace said...

I can't wait for her book to be released... so, soooo happy for her.

And I just found her blog fairly recently... she's goooood. The post where she tells us all about her accident is heartwrenching.

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