Friday, 28 March 2008

Packing Moving Funky?

That would be a real stretch to call moving a 'Funky Project', but I'll go with it. At least for the next 24 hours while I rearrange my office/studio life. You too can purchase some of this packing tape and get busy with some kind of funky project. I hope to be up and running asap 'cause I have some sexy high-speed awaiting me as we speak. (Can you tell I'm trying to keep a very positive attitude?) The truth is I only need a few things to really keep me happy - I mean if I lost everything on a moving truck or a flash flood took it all away - laptop, camera, coffee, magazines, notebook, pen. And believe me, that's all packed and ready to go. Yes, loved ones and dog are included in that list too. (For those of you who are sitting there sipping your green tea muttering 'What a horrid girl. She didn't even mention her family.')


Dianna said...

definitely can't forget the dog!

Shelly said...

My office needs "Caution" tape...I'm thinking of ripping into the mess...I hope the "thinking" inspires "doing", it's scary in there.