Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Nelli Roono, Eliot Spitzer & Nora Ephron

If you came here via Google or another search engine looking for big boobs I'm sorry to disappoint you. This photo is the best I could do.

I refuse. I am stomping my foot under my desk. I will not give in to the petty tactics of building traffic for Liberty Post. You see, if you go to the Technorati Blogger Central and click on popular, you will see the up to date 'popular' blogs, Top 100 Blogs etc. You will also discover the Top Searches. Today it's Nelli Roono. Or, I could discuss Spitzer, but oh no, I'm not buying into this. I won't even consider sending you a link. No way. If you want to be one of the 50 Most Powerful Blogs in the World, do what these guys do, only better.

In my opinion, Nora Ephron has the best paragraph about Eliot:

"But having read every word of the indictment, may I suggest that should he stay on, Spitzer will probably have far more time to focus on being governor, in that he won't have to spend hours on the phone with someone named Temeka arguing over his 55 per cent deposit, his in-store credit, the cash limits on bank machine withdrawals in late-night Washington, and ways for Kristen the prostitute to get into her hotel room without her having to give her name at the check-in desk downstairs." - Nora Ephron

Nora cracks me up every time and really, are we all that surprised that a man wants to have sex with someone other than his wife? Do we all really believe that our political leaders are all saints or celibate?

Hint: Nelli is well known for this: 2 Jugs, photo credit, Redwing Pottery. (And it seems the Governor is an avid collector) I bet that Silda would like to take one jug and smash it over Nelli's head and the other over Eliot's for spending $80,000.00.
Let's stick to decorating shall we.


Good-Grace said...

This is a HOOT! Where'd you ever find the Nora Ephron quote? (love her!) You gals are on top of your game. :-)

Good-Grace said...

By the way... I'd LOVE to hear your commentary (always so witty and irreverant) on the SNL skit with Tina Fey proclaiming "Bitch is the new black"... I loved it!! (she's hilarious)

spunkybeans said...

I know isn't she hilarious - I discovered her old school book Heartburn and I loved it,(it is so good I forgave for having anything to do with Sleepless in Seattle, which I really hated/too goopy for me) So I looked up her name on line and found her blog
She mostly writes about politics food, and sometimes makes fun and Paris hilton and britney spears.
(She wrote a really sarcastic piece about what a waste of space they both are )
Occasionally her son,Max writes as well. He is very talented too, but not as funny.