Friday, 21 March 2008

The Junk Gypsy Company

You know I like to have fun. See. The girls over at
Gypsyville have designed a sign just for me.
Wasn't' that sweet?

"The raucous and rowdy home of gypsies, junkers, DREAMERS and true-blue REBELS! The Junk Gypsy company, with our TROUPE of talented scavengers, travels NEAR and FAR to find roadside treasures, decadent decor and exotic goods for your home.
And our team of rebellious designers work to bring you spunky COUTURE through the Junk Gypsy tees, jewelry and other charming wearables.
So with a little wanderlust in your soul and a rebellious gleam in your eye. . . take a magic carpet ride through our wild and spirited world!" - The Junk Gypsies

You will get your creative 'fill' by viewing their jewelry.

Happy Easter Weekend to those
of you who are celebrating it.

I think this vintage rosary is very hip.

If you have been wondering what to send me
as an everyday gift, I'd like this camera charm!

Homegoods too...
What is Junk Gypsy Style?

"THE JUNK GYPSY COMPANY reveals a palette of vibrant colors, a crossroads of diverse styles, and a beautifully chaotic combination of funky vintage pieces and true-blue foot stomping home décor. We combine chippy-peely fleamarket furniture and elegant chandeliers with a little bit of hippie Texas flair, some southern-fried cowgirl pride and a splash of MOULIN ROUGE eccentricity to achieve the JUNK GYPSY look. We believe in decadent junk and FUN, spirited styles coming together to create a space that defines who you are.
We believe your home should be your ESCAPE. An escape that embraces all of the diverse styles that you love …from those worn-out blue jeans to that rock n' roll soul… throw conventional DESIGN RULES out the window, shake that hair free and live in a space that speaks of adventure, journeys, and everything that you dream of." - The Junk Gypsies

To learn more about the girls from Texas discover their website.
It's a hoot!
To see all their press coverage, click here.

Have a fantastic weekend....Back at 'cha next week!
Liberty xo


Cote de Texas said...

They'll be at Round Top for sure - can't wait to see them. I missed them last time.


corine said...

Love the chaos of it all.

Jennifer Ramos said...

WOW i love all the cool little items they have especially that butterfly cuff...great find !!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Shelly said...

I'm such a fashion flop. Liberty Post may be my turning point to go from flop to I love popping in to see what's shakin'.

The Barber Bunch said...

Just jumped over from Today's Creative Blog.

Love you pics!


Joy said...

Aren't these girls fab? Nice feature!

Anonymous said...


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