Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Drew Barrymore

I didn't realize it was Drew on the front cover of this month's (March 08) Vogue Magazine. I could hardly pick it up as it weighs at least 9 lbs. because it has 600+ pages. You must love the value of this. Drew certainly is in character here. She is Little Edie Beale, the eccentric debutante cousin of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and has been for the last 3 months while filming Grey Gardens. Lot's to talk about here.

First, I adore the name of her production company, Flower Films. So girly, hippy and daisy-gal sounding. You know just from the name that her intention is to have great roles for women inside great stories.

Second, Drew is very busy with the World Food Program. Break your heart giving at it's best.

And third, she has just launched her very own website and believe me, this is unusual for a big star. They normally do not have a website. Others just fake official websites about their favorite celebrities. Drew's website was created solely to raise awareness for her Big Give. Then she tucked some cool pics and other goodies in it too. She's come a long way baby since screaming at E.T..

Oh, I guess I'll add in a fourth item....Vogue Cover: to get the dreamy look of Drew's eyes take metallic bronze shadow and mix it with Vaseline, then apply on your lid. Voila!

Photo: Steven Meisel

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Good-Grace said...

I love Drew.

(...and I love my fat Vogue!)