Monday, 17 March 2008

Bear Stearns

Do you think that Matte Stephens was dreaming about the sub-prime mortgage crisis when he painted this bear? Truly, is this not the best illustration for what is happening? It is called 'The Great Suburban Bear Monster' - how brilliant is that! Look at the bear scaring the people who have packed up to leave their home; the one they can no longer afford. I think Matte should contact Time magazine and get this image on the front cover. If you work for Time or any other magazine, I ask you, Why Not?

In fact, as a collective group, I am suggesting we all vote for Matte's art to be featured somewhere. After all, Alan Greenspan has written in the Financial Times today, that this economic crisis is the worst since WWII. That's bad. Really bad.

And Bear Stearns. Gee, they are getting $2 a share for their stock. Quite honestly, I could get more than that for my blog. (Wink)

Here is the link to Matte's blog. Why not swing over there and let him know what we want!

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