Monday, 25 February 2008

Yael Naim 'New Soul' Exactly Like This

If someone asked me to pick a music video that epitomizes blogging, specifically design bloggers, this would be the one. You start out all alone, in your own little space; sending your heart out to the universe via some strange cable or airwave. You start collecting friends and fall in like with them. You begin to love these people enough to hang portraits of them on your studio/office wall. You talk about them to others as if they are part of your real family and in your mind, they are. They are still so very far away even though they feel so very close. Before you know it, the blogosphere opens up and you send your hearts out together to form an amazing orchestra of creativity. It's no coincidence that this song is the theme for a new blogger tool. Yes. This would be the video. Exactly like this. I get choked up watching it. Thank you blogging family.

Can you relate to this quote?: “It’s a dream I almost gave up on along the way”-Yael Naim

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Shelly said...

Wow, very nicely said...amazing in fact. I'm really new at this blogging thing, the song and your post about it capture this curious attatchment I have for my new blogger buddies.