Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Love Design?

Escape today and take some (video) house tours here. Oodles to choose from. Some favorites of Brian Gluckstein. Brian wrote the book on 'neutral' and he will be speaking at the Interior Design Show next week in Toronto. It's all the buzz up here-see some shop windows. Here's a very hip e-vite to the Opening Night Gala and a behind-the-scenes (video) look at the preparation with top designers. Thanks to Just Beachy for the tease - it's in the planner now, with ink. True north love for our Canadian designers (and there are many exceptional ones from sea to shining sea), magazines and Editors!


Shelly said...

Brian? Wahooo!!! Sorry, lost it for a second there. When that man is on Cityline I'm riveted. If I ever get rich I'm calling Mr. Gluckstein, my dream designer.
Thanks for the vid. :D


Shelly, They always make fun of him on the show for being 'Mr. Taupe' but you have to love this guy! So chic.