Thursday, 17 January 2008

Spiderman IV Film Set

Ah come on. I'm just playing ya, but I do feel this location in Montreal would be the perfect backdrop for a 'Spidey Scence' don't you? This is the eye of a Location Manager. The Location Manager is responsible for finding and securing locations to be used and coordinating the logistics involved for the production to successfully complete its necessary work. They are also the face of the production to the community and responsible for addressing the issues that may arise due to the production's impact on the community. That means that if any crap is going to fly, it's going to land right in his/her lap. Great communicators and smoozers; also named 'Scout', these people travel and love to find a great venue. If you think you would like to try this career, grab your camera, passport and read this. I'm going to call Sony Pictures today!

Pia: Can you find the heart?

Click to enlarge this photo I shot. The patina on the building looks perfect for an evil character's penthouse! By the way, there really was a fire on one of the top floors and there were even people hanging out of some windows! Yikes!

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