Friday, 11 January 2008

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

This hotel oozes with glamour and class. Glossy black doors beckon you inside to find butter yellow walls, gold-leaf trim, glimmering chandeliers, marble, hand-polished brass, strong wrought iron and baby blue ceilings. Ivory and white touches are found throughout. And then there are the haute couture boutiques. Don't get me started. Finally, complimentary access to Club Sportiff MAA. Part of a collection of unique, luxurious health and fitness clubs serving an exclusive membership of leaders, executives and professionals. Lots of suits 'hanging' inside and outside there, so if you are single and looking (especially for successful men), then this is the place to work up a sweat. I love Montreal.

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Cote de Texas said...

I love a Ritz Carlton and a Four Seasons too! In Austin, there's no Ritz, but there is a Four Seasons and wow - their service is imcomparable. Plus, you can even bring your dogs.