Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A Pink Cloud.

"I fell off my pink cloud with a thud." - Elizabeth Taylor

I've been playing with some photos and voila!, A Pink Cloud was born. That's what it reminded me of anyway. And then I started to search 'pink cloud' and discovered ET's quote. Then I thought 'What the heck did she mean?' and then I found out.

Being “on a pink cloud” meant that you were living in a dream world, as opposed to living in the real, everyday world. Is there something wrong with a 'dream world'? (It's easier to live there.)

In all seriousness though, here is AA's definition of Pink Cloud: The temporary sensation of euphoria and well-being that is characteristic to those who are new to AA and sobriety. For most, the pink cloud eventually dissipates. This heralds the time to get down to business and start seriously working the Steps. We all learn something new everyday.

Also: Pink Cloud. Good name for a nightclub. Or a cupcake. Or a line of bedsheets. Or a cotton candy booth.

(Happy Birthday CWH. You had me on a Blue Cloud 24 years ago. I Love You. xo)


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear liberty

I'm definitely a pink chandelier girl!!

This is fab!!

PS theres a GREAT one in my sidebar!!:-)

kate smith said...

Thanks for the explanation of "pink cloud" as I have meant to research that for some time. How interesting to learn of the AA association but it certainly makes sense.

I love reading your blog. Thanks for always providing an enjoyable break from working on my own blog.