Friday, 7 December 2007

Canadian Beaver

I don't know if this is just a Canadian thing or if this mystical candy dispenser is found around the world, but the cheerful Beaver is every child's yummy dream come true. Jaw breakers and sour dots and jelly beans. Colourful sweet bursts for twenty-five cents. I find it so funny that it's still only a quarter to get a generous handful of mouthwatering goodness. I'd love to have a few Beavers in my home. I would fill them with pistachios and caramel corn...and they'd be free. (or barter for vacuuming, dusting and toilet bowl cleaning) That would be fair wouldn't it? I'd be sure to have them under lock & key too just to prevent all those silly gumball robbers that roam the halls at night from stealing my stash!

Update: "We (Beaver) have been producing high quality vending equipment for the commercial bulk vending industry for over 40 years and we currently sell into more than 100 countries. Today, we are pleased to introduce our Beaver Gumball Machine, the first of our retail products. The Beaver Gumball Machine is a unique product unlike any of the other imported gumball machines on the market. With a shatterproof polycarbonate globe, this high quality North American made machine, that was previously only available for commercial use, is now available for your home."

Those of you who grew up in Canada will get a real kick out of this flashback to the 60's.

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patricia gray said...

I just got the flashback. I could hear the sound as I turned the handle and the jelly beans came pouring out into my cupped hand. But my younger brother was always close at hand trying to trip me and get his share. Too funny. Thanks for the blast from the past.