Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Sumi, Quatchi & Miga

808 days until the games begin! (We might think that's far off, but ah...not really.) Perhaps Patricia would let all of us sleep on her floor for 10 days. Do ya think? Tim in Sydney, Australia shares our 2010 Vancouver Olympic logo and today three adorable mascots were introduced to the world. Sumi, Quatchi and Miga. You're gonna fall in love with them! My favorite is Miga. Which one do you like?


patricia gray said...

808 days to go...really? There is certainly a lot of activity and building going on here in Vancouver. There must be 8 - 10 cranes on the site where the Olympic Village is being built. It is quite an exciting time here.

erin said...

they're super cute but as a vancouverite i just don't feel like they're "vancouver." the surfing, snowboarding whale-bear, and haida hat sporting eagle-bear mutants make me crazy. they are just a little too saccharin sweet chimera-freak hello kitty wrapped in a thin veil of first nations culture for my liking. i hear the kids love them though!!