Saturday, 24 November 2007

Strangers Who Visit Our Beach

A fashionable, noble Gentleman commands the street in our neighborhood, seemingly unaware that he is dressed much differently than the rest of us on this chilly November afternoon. Why is he here?
A friendly face that would melt your heart if she came to your rescue flashes a proud smile as she walks by.
A mischievious clown flirts with my camera and jests with the locals. What is this all about?
A cowboy or two trot in unison and sends a hush over the crowd that is gathering. What beauties are these?
Is this really Cindy Lou Who that has graced our town?

Silver bells hanging from black leather and jolly red dress; majestic strength that we feel can be trusted. I can see their breath. I see their muscles switch. He looks directly into my soul.
A mysterious woman in a long velvet cape wanders amongst the people whispering to them to follow her.
Tapping black boots set against a goldenrod stripe. I can hear the drums approaching.
A Williamsburg blue pattern enters my view.
And then a dancing man with a funny hat leaves a clue. Who are these strangers who have invaded our beach? They'll send the answer tomorrow.

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