Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Speech from the Throne

I'd like to share with you three paragraphs from the speech this evening. (in case you've ever been sitting around staring at our flag, wondering what it's like to be Canadian, besides the igloos and the hockey games)

"......And although Canada is a young country, its history is marked by our unwavering willingness -- which I was touched to see all across Canada -- to be and to continue to be a generous society. A society that is concerned about the well being of others. A society that is protective of the spirit of this bountiful land, a deep respect learned from Aboriginal peoples. A society that is committed to finding solutions to today's challenges. A society that is open to creation and quick to innovate. A society that is filled with young people who have an unprecedented openness to the world. "

And I loved this part:

"Canada is the greatest country in the world, a nation of enormous potential built through the imagination and dedication of ordinary Canadians. Canadians who have worked hard to build a better life for their families. Canadians who have joined with their neighbours to create a society founded on peace and prosperity. "

And finally, the essence of our nation:

"Canada is built on a common heritage of values, which Canadians have fought and died to defend. It is a country that continues to attract newcomers seeking refuge and opportunity, who see Canada as a place where they can work hard, raise families and live in freedom. Our government is resolved to uphold this heritage by protecting our sovereignty at home and living by our values abroad."

I must confess, 'we' Canadians are not usually this outwardly patriotic. I say 'it's about time'. For me, these 3 paragraphs summarize what Canada is all about. Amazing.

If you are so inclined you can read the whole speech here. To the writer, whoever you are, well done!

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