Friday, 26 October 2007

Shadows of our former selves

Remember when you were young? On a shoot the other day, I discovered a nearby playground and was immediately transported back to school days when we'd play '4 Square' at recess. Boy, oh boy, we were active. Life was all about moving and jumping and stretching and running and joyous physical activity. This is the shadow of my former self. No longer active; just the motions to get from one chair to the next. Up out of bed to my laptop, up to shower to get out the door to sit in the car for hours, out of the car to sit in some one's home, back in the car to drive, out of the car to the laptop, up to go to bed. This is a personal crime! What am I doing? I need to get my body back in action! How about your day more physical or stationary?


1. standing still; not moving.
2. having a fixed position; not movable.
3. established in one place; not itinerant or migratory.
4. remaining in the same condition or state; not changing
5. a person or thing that is stationary.

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