Friday, 19 October 2007


Decorno has declared next week as 'Original Content Week'. Thank you for organizing this!

Don't you just love projects! You gotta love 'em!

If you haven't discovered Decorno's blog yet and I can't imagine that you haven't, you will love it! She is so cheeky, smart and refreshing. A true original.

Here is what her profile says: "If decor is your porn, this is your blog. You know how you read about hoarders who live with piles of plates & bags & boxes & books & old newspaper clippings piled floor to ceiling in their apartments and then you hear that they die because a huge stack of something topples over and kills them? I think that my snuff film would be death by suffocation by all my stacks of old Elle Decor, Domino, & Met Home mags. Seriously." - Decorno

Original Content Week: Who's in? I am. Here's a sample. One of my own photographs of a mixed-media photomontage I did using vintage magazine tearsheets (a feature on Paris) framed behind a retro gold wall medallion......Well, it's original and looks a little like decor porn. (you can click on it to see the detail)

FINAL NOTE: Liberty Post Editor gives anyone the full rights to comment on or use this image for OCW (Original Content Week) - sharing and exchanging ideas is a 'Liberating' experience, especially in Blogland!


Brilliant Asylum said...

I am in too! I often use scanning as a prop. Of course my posts probably won't look as good without the aid of professional lighting and styling (done by someone else), but I think it will be fun to take a break from my relently shelter mag obsession.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing!

Cote de Texas said...

oh ok - i missed this post and I am SO gladl you said that about sharing. I hate, I mean I detest when I go on some blog and they have copyright all over their pictures of their cat sleeping on the bed. Who's kidding whom here. Like if a magazine stole their picture they wouldn't be estatic? If you don't want anyone to steal your precious pix, don't put it on the web. Use the old fashioned medium to sell it.

Thanks for saying it in such a better way than I can. I think we could be real friends if you lived in Texas - I really admire your views on life.