Sunday, 7 October 2007

Caught in the Act

You naughty girl. You're not supposed to be sleeping in the big bed. I sneak into the room, camera in hand (knowing the lighting will suck - but! I want to catch you -it's a fun game we play), and I flip on the light switch. You're busted! Caught in the act of behaving like a human again. Paige you silly girl. Let her have the bed all to herself. She's in college you know and they never get any sleep. That's what coming home to Mama's house for Thanksgiving Weekend is all about. Sleep.
You have that 'deer in the headlights' look about you! Ah shucks, go ahead. Snuggle in. See you in the morning. I always give in anyway. What a pushover. No I mean 'push over' and go back to sleep. Oh, you've already decided to stay and do that. Hey, who's in charge here?

1 comment:

designdna said...

what a riot! i constantly find mine stretched atop the back cushions of the sofa...

with a face like that, what are you gonna do?