Thursday, 6 September 2007

If Life Were Like That

I laugh every time I see the poor camera left behind in that credit card commercial. Someone forgets it on the cafe table and several people sit there, come and go - and nobody takes the camera home! Ya right. It really got me thinking. What if that camera just proceeded to take pictures of people passing by. Just random shots. So I tried it at the coffeehouse. I switched the silver to on and left it sitting on the table facing the street. I didn't pick it up and I didn't know what I was shooting. This photo showed a very chic woman out shopping. Doesn't she look put together? She's telling her friend about a great shop to visit next. She's describing the front of her new dress. She's sure that restaurant was on this street. What is she saying? I must try this again. In a way I feel like a spy, but it sure is a new way to shoot & see authentic things.


Cote de Texas said...

Is this real??? Did you really do that? AMAZING. Where did you do this, what city is this?



Yes sir eee. I do this. It is in Montreal. Right downtown. I am going to do a whole series of these. Sorta sneaky. Spy Shooting!

Bhavna said...

what an awesome way to capture real shots! I would love to see more of such photography!