Monday, 3 September 2007

College Essentials

If you have a great pair of new shoes that will make a fabulous statement, that's all you need to go back to school. That is my daughter's philosophy! She claims the shoes can be used as a decorating accessory (note: the shoes are currently on the bedside table), a centerpiece for an impromptu dinner party in her new 'Penthouse' (she lovingly calls it her penthouse...actually it's the top floor of a 3 story apartment building..very cute though) or the perfect final touch for her 'Thursday Clubbing Outfit'. I don't recall her mentioning anything about her textbooks. Oh my, to be 19 again!


Mélanie said...

I have a shoes addicttion . I particularly like the ones on your picture.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Love your blog (magazine)! Fun stuff. I have a college age daughter who would feel right at home with those shoes on her nightstand! :-) Nothing like a great pair of shoes to dress up a room, or your feet.