Friday, 3 August 2007

Tag. I'm it !

Thank you goes out to Cote de Texas for tagging me in this intriguing Blog Tag!

Here's how it works:

I get to tell 8 random things about myself and then list 8 blogs I love... I then need to go tell those bloggers that they're IT. Simple. Fun. And a cool way to find other blogs about things we love (or should).

1. I am an addict. And don't you go looking through it before I do, and please don't crease the pages or turn up the corners. Yes, I'll admit it just to you...I am a magaholic and I'm not going to quit. No disrespect but the 12 steps would never help me. I just know that every dollar spent on magazines is an investment in my creative and financial there!

2. I adore Joe. Joe is my cup of coffee. I adore my family more. They are the cream in my coffee.

3. Cake is my favorite food group. Any kind, any where, any time...'Let me eat cake'.

4. I'm having an affair with the Internet. I sneak around to get online. I'd spend hours with it if I could. How lustful.

5. If I could be anything in this world it would be a famous performing artist. I can't sing to save my soul. It just ain't in the cards...tear.

6. I love Photography & Painting. Writing & Business. Business & Writing. Painting & Photography. You see, I love all 4 equally and have never been able to take a stand until now - I love Photography & Writing best - Wow! I can't believe I just admitted that to all of you. (for today at this moment anyway) This Blog Tag is a dangerous game. Did I mention film & television production and design? Let's not go there....

7. I am more interested in ideas and people than things unless the things come from people with great ideas.

8. Frederick Law Olmsted was my Great Great Uncle. He is the Father of Landscape Architecture and designed Central Park (and many other gardens). He lived in Massachusetts and started out as a journalist. I am very proud of the legacy he left our family. But you won't believe it. I've never been to New York so this is a big, big dream for me, for many big, big reasons.

Alright now...who will be the 8 bloggers I will tag? Let me go pour a coffee and think about that for a few you think I look like some kind of mermaid in the photo? I really wanted to let you know that my spirit 'sings' when I'm at a beach, but I could only do 8 !

O.K. I'm back. Here are 8 blogs I love and wish to TAG:

1. Anahata Katkin
2. Pink of Perfection
3. Colourful Ribbons
4. Beach Bungalow 8
5. Absolutely Beautiful Things
6. The Wish Jar
7. Today's Creative Blog
8. At Home with Kim Vallee


At home with Kim Vallee said...

Accept my thanks for tagging me. It is nice of you. I also am a magazine junkie, so much more inspiring that what we got in the newspapers.

I was tagged in June where we had to tell 7 random facts instead of eight. So I updated my original post with an additional random fact and tagged one more blogger. Check it out at said...

Wow we have a lot in common....cake is my fav food group and then coffee (quite healthy) and I am with you on the magazines and the internet. what a wonderful legacy your great, great uncle left you. You must go to Central Park!!! It is imperative
You could get a T-shirt made announcing who you are.

Cote de Texas said...

Olmstead was your great great uncle and you've never been to NYC? Shame! girl, that's SOME legacy to live up too! oh, i just saw that Patricia used the word legacy too! Great minds thing alike. jk