Friday, 17 August 2007

She Knows I'm Going Away

How do dogs know that you are going away? I swear they are the smartest animals on the planet. This is Paige and this morning our hearts go out to Audrey. So far 685 loving comments have been sent. Dogs mean so much to so many.


Cote de Texas said...

Try 1,012 at this moment! Where did all those people come from? One of our two dogs is the smartest dog I have ever owned. Her smartnest came to us slowly, as we didn't realize how "unique" she was for some time. But unique she is! Like a human being, it is truly scary. Our "dumb" dog does enjoy watching tv, though. Never had a dog that did that. Oh, the barking that goes on everytime an animal is on the big screen. Or something that looks like an animal, like the Gieco cavemen. haha. I love my dogs so much. Thanks for the post.

Joni said...

What a beautiful dog. Is she yours? I have never met a dog that I did not like. I wish I could say this for humans. My little 4 1/2 lb Yorkie is the sweetest thing. Dogs always give so much.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Love your little doggie. So nice of you to remember Audrey.